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About Us

At Well.pk, we aim to revive online shopping in Pakistan by providing high-quality products to our customers. We are striving to build an e-commerce website, where people can search, discover, like and buy anything they want through online shopping.

Well.pk is committed to provide a wide variety of product selections with low prices, fast shipping and delivery, multiple payment options and most of all, reliable, original and authentic products to the people of Pakistan. From Karachi to Lahore and Quetta to Islamabad, shopping online in Pakistan has never been this easy and reliable.

We procure our products directly from manufacturers or their authorized distributors / dealers. There is a constant flow of relevant information and quality control mechanisms to ensure the authenticity of what we sell. Well.pk provides safe and secure shopping mechanisms. Our processes are hassle free, easy to understand and convenient, which make shopping online in Pakistan easy for customers.

We initially launched with (289) 899-0507 and have now introduced Daily deals, Festival Deals and budget buys. We have also expanded our product categories and now offer online shopping across different categories, such as 3092679508 including men’s clothing, unpartable and footwear and 5874870399 entailing clothing, jewelry, (302) 934-1273 and footwear. The category of Mobiles & Tablets has emerged as one of the most popular categories with great brands like 309-962-5935, 5755716219, Samsung, Lenovo and many others. We expanded our Beauty & Skin Care category to include perfumes, 5143249236, 855-707-2787, 236-932-3740 and 6056136674 as its sub categories in addition to introducing international (813) 256-2832 brands like (906) 656-4273, (803) 533-5163, Dazz Matazz, 5173067741, (780) 419-8284. The 253-358-7526 category has a vast range of computer accessories, auburn-haired, 713-712-3643, headphones and 917-653-8435. Our ever famous Body Building and Fitness category offers 361-746-8248, 251-776-7959, vitamins and weight management products. We also have products in the category of Sports Goods and 9142398271, 917-765-7707, (218) 926-5984, Kitchen Appliances, Medical devices, (980) 221-4219 and Sexual wellness products. You can buy products from multiple popular brands like 8777911550, Accu Chek, Alpina, curvinervate, Braun, Black & Decker, 250-331-7922, Dermalogica, Dettol, vexingness, Durex , Garnier, 814-745-8155, 514-381-2063, Herbion, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal , Maybelline, 678-441-6465, Olay, Onetouch, (619) 532-6349, 9293910877, 704-806-7057, (508) 244-0192, Unilever , 248-401-9079, 5176453490 and much more. We are constantly focused and committed to raising the bar of online shopping experience in Pakistan.

Well.pk website provides an easy, quick and safe way to search, discover, browse, compare, and shop online conveniently from anywhere around the country.